AUGMENTED Forecast Report – Making Money with Generative AI: Entertainment & Media Edition


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Making Money with Generative AI: Entertainment & Media Edition

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Authors: Irena Cronin, Robert Scoble

February 2023

The Goals of This Report

Generative AI promises to be a real game changer for the Entertainment and Media industry, with transformations in professional and independent consumer creation of scripts, previsualization, gaming, gaming assets and non-player characters (NPCs), 2D and 3D video, post visualization and image manipulation, and music. With the tools for creation becoming ever simpler and less expensive and the quality of the final product improving at a very fast rate, there is the potential that consumer creations could rival professional ones, creating significant disruption in the Entertainment and Media industry, opening up new business platforms and opportunities.  With the final product moving from the movie theater to the TV via streaming technology to the home “holodeck,” it is important to understand what the role of Generative AI is in this massive retooling of the industry and how to best utilize it. This report provides insights into the current and future status of Generative AI in this regard and is appropriate for C-level suite technology and business executives, middle managers, investors, entrepreneurs, and other tech professionals.

What you will learn:

    1. The current state of Generative AI.
    2. How Generative AI promises to change the Entertainment and Media industry.
    3. What the major business opportunities are, providing a roadmap so that you could strategize and have an advance start on others in this very competitive and rapidly growing area.
    4. Understand what some of the current and potential risks are with the use of Generative AI. We believe Generative AI will be able to weather any major challenges for its usage.


Page Length: 46 pages