AUGMENTED Forecast Report – THE HOLODECK: Happening Now — From Science Fiction to Reality


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THE HOLODECK: Happening Now — From Science Fiction to Reality

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September 2023

Authors: Irena Cronin, Robert Scoble

The Holodeck may not yet be here in its entirety, but it’s clear that we are on the verge of a new era, where reality and imagination converge in ways once deemed impossible. This report details how close we are in getting to the dreamed-of version of the Holodeck and more.

In the 21st century, VR has undergone a remarkable transformation powered by technologies such as powerful GPUs, high-resolution displays, accurate motion tracking, and advanced head-mounted displays (HMDs). These components work in synergy to create immersive worlds that rival the Holodeck’s vision. Users can now step into virtual realms with stunning realism and interactivity, pushing the boundaries of what was once deemed science fiction.

On the other side of the immersive spectrum lies Augmented Reality (AR), which enhances our perception of reality by overlaying digital elements onto the physical world. AR’s evolution has been equally impressive, with the rise of AR hardware like AR glasses and headsets, integration with smartphones through platforms like ARKit and ARCore, improved tracking and sensing technologies, and the integration of AR into everyday objects. Notably, upcoming technologies from Apple promise to bring even more Holodeck-like experiences by combining Augmented Reality with powerful AI capabilities.

As VR and AR technologies combined with AI integration continue to evolve through ongoing research and development, we stand on the cusp of an era where immersive experiences, once confined to the realm of science fiction, are becoming an integral part of our reality, bringing us closer to the Holodeck’s visionary allure in ways both familiar and unexpected.

This report covers:

  • What technologies are integral to the Holodeck.
  • How close and in which way are VR and AR technologies, and other technologies such as AI, coming to achieving the Holodeck.
  • What major issues we should pay attention to now.
  • What our future experiences will be like.