AI FIRST: Augmenting Ingenuity


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AI FIRST: Augmenting Ingenuity

OpenAI’s GPT (and other LLMs) come alive with new approaches

Authors: Irena Cronin, Robert Scoble

May 2023

Our inaugural AI FIRST report is all about understanding and using Autonomous AI Agents.

As this is our first report, we are also including what our stand is on AI and the relevance of “AI First.”

The goals of this report:

  1. Show you the breadth of work that has been done to automate LLMs and the usefulness of Autonomous AI Agents.
  2. Give you tools to deal with rapid change as this is a very rapidly changing and improving technology.
  3. Detail what this all means to human beings.

Autonomous AI agents and relevant AI software covered here include: BabyAGI, BabyBeeAGI, BabyCatAGI, AutoGPT, GPT-4, Pinecone, and LangChain.

Two Reports Monthly, $50 an Issue
Can be bought individually, or by annual subscription, $900/year (25% off full price)