AUGMENTED Forecast Report – Apple’s Vision: What Consumers, Businesses and Developers Need to Know


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Apple’s Vision: What Consumers, Businesses and Developers Need to Know

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Authors: Irena Cronin, Robert Scoble

July 2023

Apple announced the Apple Vision Pro on June 5, 2023. Ever since then, there has been an intense amount of excitement, speculation and noise, even chaos. This report digs into the new Apple, one that is quite a different company than the one that brought us the iPhone, and the significance of the Vision Pro. We answer the following questions:

  • Why Spatial Computing? 
  • How does this radically improve TV? For sports, entertainment, education, fitness, shopping, and more?
  • Why people will see the Vision Pro as a productivity improver, particularly when compared to other ecosystems.
  • How does this change how we capture and share experiences from our kids taking first steps to weddings to concerts and other events? 
  • How does this change the marketplace? Especially when compared to devices from Meta, which are trying to do similar things for a fraction of the cost?
  • Why is Apple pushing everyone toward augmented reality and not virtual reality? Even though the headset is technically all virtual?
  • How will Apple convince us we need a new, expensive, type of computer in our lives? Especially when so many resist these changes, telling us “I hate wearing computers on my face.” 
  • How will this device change how people play together? Work together? Experience things together? Build together? 
  • Where is the Vision Pro inappropriate? Dangerous jobs, fast moving activities, for instance.
  • How will this affect the enterprise? 
  • How is Apple using this device to get us ready for buying glasses in a few years?