AUGMENTED Forecast Report – “Appleverse” vs. the Metaverse


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“Appleverse” vs. the Metaverse

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Authors: Irena Cronin, Robert Scoble

April 2023

The Goals of This Report

Apple does not have any interest in talking about the Metaverse, for good reason. Apple has a very different path than Meta in terms of the Metaverse, so much so that we are calling Apple’s version, the “Appleverse.” We predict that the “Appleverse” will be much more successful than Meta’s VR-centric version, for both consumer and business use due to Apple’s AI-first approach, and big tech and ecosystem advantages. For businesses, it is very important to understand Apple’s path to the “Appleverse” for strategic planning and product decision purposes. For consumers, this is an understanding of the future that Apple will bring.

What you will learn:

    1. What advantages Apple has over Meta that make the “Appleverse” much more attractive than the Metaverse.
    2. What the particular issues of a VR-centric system are.
    3. What is meant by the term “AI-first living” and how it is relevant to the “Appleverse.”
    4. What we expect the new Siri to be like and how important it is for Apple’s knowledge delivery business.
    5. How Generative AI search differs from regular search technology.
    6. How Apple’s headset and glasses utilization of Apple’s AI mesh and computer vision will work in tandem to serve up important features of the “Appleverse.”
    7. How Apple wins with the “Appleverse” using their existing ecosystem.