A Spatial Computing Agency

Infinite Retina is a full-service agency that exists to help companies enter and succeed in Spatial Computing – from building a company vision to getting funded to developing an industry and customer strategy and more. As a full-service agency, Infinite Retina also designs, produces and develops Spatial Computing apps and experiences.

Consulting on the Seven Voxels:

We see seven areas of business imperatives for Spatial Computing. We have named those seven areas “The Seven Voxels” (a voxel being a volumetric pixel and one of the technical building blocks of Spatial Computing). Below we elaborate more on what we could do for each of the Seven Voxels:

Production of AR & VR Apps & Experiences

As a full-service agency, we offer the development and production of AR & VR apps and experiences.

Spatial Computing Underground Events

Underground events are off-the-record. No social media. No cameras. No phones. They are designed to get entrepreneurs, VCs and VIPs focused on the business of Spatial Computing. Our events are custom-ordered and custom-made, leveraging off our combined deep network of industry relationships.

Spatial Computing Catalyst Monthly

Catalyst Monthly is a written paid product that covers the most relevant happenings in the Spatial Computing industry on a monthly basis. News is analyzed and the industry and its segments are forecast. Our free Catalyst Newsletter and Underground Podcast supplement the deeper and more systematized Catalyst Monthly.

Report & Database Bundles

More information on these will be available soon.