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Robert Scoble

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Robert Scoble has been seeing the future ever since his dad, who was an engineer, moved him to Silicon Valley back in 1971 and has been studying the startups that bring the future since getting a tour of Apple back in 1977. Since then he’s interviewed thousands of entrepreneurs and has been the first to see many new technology companies from Siri to Tesla. As strategist at Microsoft Scoble was one of the five people who started Channel 9 there and was credited by the Economist with humanizing Microsoft. Since then he’s been studying innovation, mostly in his role as a futurist at Rackspace, where he had a front-row seat on the cloud computing/enterprise industry, which was underneath so many companies. Robert today serves as Chief Strategy Officer of Infinite Retina. Prior to this he was cofounder of Transformation Group, which advised decision makers on business strategies related to Spatial Computing (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and related disruptive technologies.