AUGMENTED Forecast Report – Augmented Reality: The New Way of Seeing and Doing


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Authors: Irena Cronin, Robert Scoble

The Goals of This Report

We have been studying the “XR” (VR and AR) industry for a long time and this report is a fresh look at where we are as an industry that expects Apple in 2023 to introduce its first augmented reality-centric headset and follow-up the following year with AR glasses. This report is a “state of the technology” view of AR glasses combined with illustrative use cases, to provide a better way to determine market and business potential for C-level suite technology and business executives, middle managers, investors, entrepreneurs, and other tech professionals.

What you will learn:

  1. Why Apple has many advantages to any competitor that we feel will lead to it capturing the majority of market share in augmented reality glasses.
  2. How we view Apple’s AR glasses product functionality and strategy.
  3. Discover what the core associated augmented reality technologies are, including AI and perception technologies that are very rapidly evolving.
  4. Learn from projected novel use cases for AR glasses, in both consumer and enterprise areas, to enable more informed, better product and marketing decisions.

Page Length: 50 pages