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Nicole Lazzaro

President, XEODesign

For 26 years Nicole Lazzaro has run XEODesign to unlock human potential through play. A world-renowned XR developer and innovator, Nicole designed the first iPhone game, planted 16K trees in Madagascar, and discovered the 4 Keys to Fun. Her work inspires millions of leading developers worldwide including The Sims, Myst, and Star Wars. One of the top 20 women working in video games, Nicole and her work have been widely cited by global news media such as Wired, Rolling Stone, Fast Company, Samantha Bee, CNN, CNET, and the Wall Street Journal. She has advised the Obama White House and the US State Department on the use of games to improve our world. Nicole is currently developing Follow the White Rabbit, a mind-bending XR adventure about a magician whose magic one day suddenly works. (http://playwhiterabbit.com)