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Matt Miesnieks

CEO & Founder of LivingCities.xyz

Matt Miesnieks is the CEO and Founder of LivingCities.xyz and was previously an Advisor at Niantic, following Niantic’s acquisition of 6D.ai, where Matt was the Co-founder and CEO. 6D.ai tackled the first steps to making semantic maps of the world in real time using a smartphone camera. Matt was also a founding partner of Super Ventures, which invests solely in AR startups.

When not building the next AR operating system, Matt can be found on Medium diving into technical details of the newest AR releases, musing over the possibilities of the AR Cloud and providing business expertise for budding startups based on years of experience as a serial AR entrepreneur and investor. A veteran in mobile software infrastructure, Matt’s career began with a strong foundation in building and executing commercial and technical mobile strategies for companies across the globe, including Samsung and Layar, before jumping specifically into AR software infrastructure in 2009.