his story

Marcelo Moyano

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Marcelo serves as CTO of Infinite Retina. He is a pioneer of all things technological, with nearly 2 decades of wildly successful experience. Marcelo is an entrepreneur and an award winning creative technologist. As someone who stands at the intersection of creativity, technology and business, Marcelo loves interacting with teams of people and helping startups and Fortune 500 companies. As soon as you meet him, you will be captivated by his excitement for building business.

Having successfully managed an award winning technology company that has been around since 1999 called MindSmack. Marcelo specializes in high impact visual and mind blowing interactive experiences. He is known as a savant when it comes to design and animation and is recognized around the world in the media industry as a trailblazer. He has led full-scale projects for clients such as DreamWorks, Time Warner, Citigroup, Doritos, EA and countless others.

Marcelo works with interface designs for different platforms, interactive applications, conceptual branded animations, solutions for online/offline interactive marketing and social media. In the USA for several years now on the acclaimed O-1 visa (only granted to very special talents from around the world), he is the winner of many accolades including Adobe Site of the Day for his work with DreamWorks SKG. He is also the recipient of 5 Favorite Website Awards (www.thefwa.com).

Marcelo can work on any size project and excel. A notable current project he is working on is Citiprivatepass.com. As CXO of MindSmack, he is focused on the creative experience. His capabilities include things like determining operation plans and prototypes. One recent project is a new blockchain based investment platform called Realio (realio.fund). This company plans on changing the way real estate investments are made in the world. He built a complete brand, including UI and UX for WanderSafe (wandersafe.com). This is a company designed to help people explore the world safely including an IoT device that was designed in the US (manufactured in China) and is selling at every major airport worldwide. He looks forward to becoming a vital extension of your project.