his story

Joe Robbins

Co-Founder, Metatexel

Endlessly fascinated by the intersection of media and technology, Joe is constantly pushing the boundaries of new technology through storytelling and finding solutions to complex problems. He has over 15 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry, including music videos, branded content, action sports, live production, social, and immersive media.

While working at Red Bull Media House, he discovered his passion for creative leadership. Reporting directly to the SVP of Content, he spent five years leading the creative strategy and development of innovative Emmy award-winning content in live sports broadcasts, virtual reality, and augmented reality. He also worked closely with business development, partnerships, finance, operations, legal, and senior leadership.

Throughout his career, he has produced thousands of videos for major record labels, TV shows, feature films, commercials, and music videos. This has given him a unique background and understanding of production and development. He has led small teams of strategists, developers, artists, producers, editors, engineers, and large-scale productions with hundreds of crew members on set.