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Jason Schneiderman

Corporate Attorney & Partner, Perkins Coie

Jason Schneiderman is a second-generation Silicon Valley corporate startup attorney, who represents fast growing emerging companies in formation, venture capital fundraising, convertible debt, SAFEs and equity financings. He advises clients on business plans, founders’ stock, employee equity plans, intellectual property protection and licensing, as well mergers and acquisitions. Jason is a trusted advisor and is a deeply committed and passionate contributor to his clients’ success. He brings a pragmatic, business-minded approach to his counseling. A keen listener, he guides entrepreneurs, officers and directors through complex legal issues while explaining them in simple and actionable terms.

Jason’s clients come from a variety of industries, including Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Blockchain, computer software, hardware, communications, Software as a Service (SaaS), interactive entertainment, financial services technology, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unmanned vehicles. He also works with consumer goods and media/publishing companies, as well as consumer facing websites, including those focused on travel, real estate and social networking.

Working closely with international clients, Jason is the co-chair of the Perkins Coie Australian Corporate practice advising Australian companies that want to “flip” into the United States or otherwise establish a U.S. presence. He has also served as local U.S. corporate counsel for startups from several other countries. As an associate, Jason also started the firm’s Search Fund practice and has worked with more than 60 search funds in all stages, including formation, acquisition of targets, debt financing, general corporate matters and follow on investments, as well as liquidation of search funds.

In addition, Jason is the co-chair of the Perkins Coie AR/VR industry group. As the firm’s Corporate Training Partner, he oversees firmwide training, mentoring and attorney development programs for attorneys in the corporate practice. Jason has also served as the chair of the Palo Alto Attorney Development Committee for more than four years. He is the former chair of the Summer Associate Committee in Palo Alto and is still an active participant in the Summer Associate program and other firm recruiting efforts. Jason has participated in the Perkins Coie Strategic Leadership Program and the Perkins Coie Advance Leadership Program hosted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern.