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Irena Cronin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Irena Cronin serves as CEO of Infinite Retina. Prior to this, Irena was CEO of Transformation Group which advised decision makers on business strategies related to Spatial Computing (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and related disruptive technologies. Irena was also the President and CEO of Spout Reality, an augmented and virtual reality consulting company which provided strategy and research for both AR/VR Companies and Fortune 500 companies who were investing in AR/VR. Additionally, Irena worked several years as an equity research analyst and has extensive experience at valuating both public and private companies.

Irena has a Joint MBA in Finance/MA in East Asian Area Studies from the University of Southern California and an MS in Information Technology – Management and Systems from New York University. She graduated with a BA from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Economics (summa cum laude). She has near-fluent proficiency in Mandarin, intermediate in Japanese and beginning in Korean.