Founding Story

It is our thesis that by 2025 most of us will be wearing Spatial Computing devices on our faces. They will be in the form of glasses which will replace monitors, so we don’t have to stare into small little screens like our watches and phones, and also let us work where and when we want, without carrying bulky laptops or tablets.

This future also brings with it not just information displays about the real world, but a new “Mirror World” (to borrow a term from a cover article in Wired Magazine) which will show us amazing new entertainment, teach us wonderous new things, help us at work, let us play with our friends in new ways, and present new ways of discovering retail experiences, not to mention products and services.

This future is a major paradigm shift from where we are today. It’s the fourth shift of the personal computing age, one that promises to make computing far more personal than ever before. To get there we will see the development of many new companies and technologies, and that’s where Infinite Retina comes in.

The people at Infinite Retina joined together around our love of technology-driven innovation. And our curiosity about what makes companies succeed and fail. Our team has been there at the start of many new companies and we have a deep rolodex of decision makers who build companies and share their products and services with the world.

There is a perfect storm coming of spatial computing glasses, which bring VR and AR not just to businesses, but consumers, along with artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and blockchain-based innovation, that do many things better than humans can. All hitting in the next few years.

As this storm hits, we’ll see many new ideas, products, services, and companies that need to be brought to market and find product-market fit. The people who are funding this storm are different than the ones who funded, say, Tesla or Airbnb or Cloudera. It also affects how entrepreneurs, developers, lawyers, PR people, recruiters, journalists, and influencers approach the Spatial Computing Industry. But we’ve studied this market deeply, written books, and built many relationships with people in the industry – all of which can be brought to bear on these new Spatial Computing projects and services.

It’s an exciting time. None of us are wearing glasses or HMDs all day long yet. Many Spatial Computing companies will be started over the next five years. Infinite Retina has the team to catalyze this new age of personal computing leading to the time where computing serves human beings in a much better way than it does today.