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Dulce Baerga

Experience Designer & Producer

Dulce Baerga has been producing interactive content for over 20 years. Producing and building sites ranging from entertainment based portals to product based community site. She’s a self-taught full stack developer, front-end engineer and network/IT manager who’s passionate about augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. Her skill set includes developing concepts, programming demos, creating UI/UX design, scripting user interactivity, building 3D simulations, creating virtual products, and building webXR apps. She’s also an active resident of multiple virtual worlds, top prize winner at XR related hackathons, and deeply embedded in the XR community. Dulce is currently pushing the edges of the immersive web and augmented reality, creating XR MVPs for clients and collaboration projects. Immersive theater and mixed reality storytelling are two verticals of focus where she’s been creating production pipelines and UI/UX mechanics. Iterating on and seamlining new XR pipelines to create base MVPs is Dulce’s primary directive while pushing the XR envelope.  

Dulce is also an artist with extensive 3D and 2D graphic training and experience. She knows her way around the CMYK print process, and she has over 25 years of 3D modeling and texturing experience. Recently she’s been animating her 3D art and converting that art into webXR experiences, merging her two passions into an exciting XR career.