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Carlos Calva

Product Analyst

Carlos Calva is an entrepreneur, researcher and innovator with a deep passion about product design, Carlos has lead the product design and development of spatial computing products for enterprise including one of the first Mixed Reality platforms for astronaut training and operations assistance in collaboration with NASA.
Currently, Carlos is working on helping the Department of Defense to identify and integrate emerging technologies provided by private companies and non-traditional defence contractors in spatial computing and AI. His current research is focusing on the use of AI for increased situational awareness to enhance live operation capabilities, focusing on deep space exploration use cases aiming to mitigate critical mission components associated with communication delays.
With an Honours BA degree in Business, Economics and Finance from the University of Exeter and years of experience in user experience research and design, Carlos ventured into the world of interactive entertainment. Having led his own game studio, he learned valuable lessons about the design and technical challenges presented in the design and development of successful spatial computing products. His background in business, user experience research and product design have enabled him to gain a deep understanding of the various layers of complexity related to spatial computing products and services from product ideation to go-to-market strategies.
In his role as product analyst at Infinite Retina, Carlos provides technical and business analysis into the feasibility of product design and development from a user-centric design perspective.